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UI/UX design

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design play an important role in making a website, mobile application, software, or any other interactive application user-friendly and comfortable. These two concepts cover related but different purposes and information. UI design defines the look and feel of an interface. This includes the colors, images, proper organization, and other visual aspects of the page or app. UX design considers the user’s experience from start to finish. It partners to ensure how the user feels and experiences the app.

Graphic design

Graphic design is a field used to present information and create an aesthetic experience through visual communication. This area involves defining the identity and detail of the data through visual elements such as images, text, color and image elements. Factors such as color, shape, contrast, two-thirds, view, emphasis, operation and repetition are among the basic principles of graphic design. These principles ensure that a design is effective and aesthetic. Graphic design also plays an important role in the interface design of web and mobile applications. It defines the look and feel of a website or mobile app.

Back-end development

Backend programming is a field concerned with creating and managing the server-side logic and functionality of a website or application that is not visible to the user. The backend is where server-side operations manage access to databases, APIs, and analysis systems, and where data is processed and presented to users. Many programming languages are used in backend programming. The most popular languages include Python, Java, JavaScript (Node.js), Ruby, PHP, C# and many more. Each language has its own characteristics and areas of use.

Front-end development

Front-end programming is a part of a website or mobile app that has a significant impact on the user experience. This part creates the user interface (UI) and manages the visual part of the application and the interactivity functionality. In front-end programming, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the main languages. HTML defines web page structure, CSS defines style and design, while JavaScript adds interactivity and dynamic functionality. Front-end programmers follow UI/UX design principles to create a comfortable and intuitive user experience.

Full-stack development

Full stack programming, also called “full stack programming”, is the field of programmers who have all the technical and project management skills to develop and manage both sides of a web or application – the backend (server side) and the front end (user side). Full stack developers have the ability to develop and manage both the front-end (user interface) side and the back-end (server and database) side of web and applications. This means they can work on all of one application.

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